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Small Board Computers

It’s amazing what Raspberry Pi has done for the computer world. $35 dollars for a computer that could open the world for anyone that could not afford a computer. The projects that have come out since then have been amazing…

Top Ten Projects to check out

* RetroPie, Recalbox, ROTT and other Retro game machines
* Magic Mirrors
* 3D printing
* Inexpensive Media Players
* Arduino and Beagle Board Programming
* Ham Radios
* E-Ink Displays
* Docker
* Linux Servers
* Camera / Weather Stations

Well, there are computer boards out there, which helps since there’s a shortage of Pi because of the chip storage. There are a number of SBC out there as good or better than the Pi.

* Odroid
* Radxa
* Orange Pi
* Banaa Pi
* Khadas
* Youyeetoo

New CPU for SBC are coming out and strong, like RISC-V

* StarFive

SBC also allow people to try other OS’se than Linux

* Android
* FreeBSD
* More…

Here are videos of boards…

Let Talk about Small Board Computers
on Facebook….

I have a Facebook Group, called Small Board Computer Modders. I posted a lot of news about what’s up with Small Board Computers. Come join.