Ugly Scale Press

This site is going to be an online learning site for those that want to learn Linux. 

So why another site that teaches Linux, aren’t there a lot of them. Yes, there are a lot of sites that teaches people how to use Linux. This site is going to try to offer another way. 

As the name applies, we are going to try to publish matters to help people. I am going to try publishing videos and PDF that others can use to help teach. The matter here will be cover under the Creative Commons Licenses

So why the name Ugly Scale Press, simply openSUSE.

As many know, openSUSE mascot is the chameleon. Many user of openSUSE call themselves Geeko(s), both are in the lizard family, and both have scales.  Lizards have scales, many scales.

So I picked scales to represent people. People make up a community.

Even thought openSUSE doesn’t have ambassadors/advocates officially any more.  This will be m way of still giving back to the community. Give those that want to market openSUSE and teach Linux.

The first thing coming is going to be a course, which I will post the curriculum in mid-January, with the first material coming in February.

Keep watching more to come.

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